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Jeff Jewell - Acute Care Services


  • DIVERSE skills background prior to nursing career, bringing business competency, computer/networking, project management, teaching and technical writing experience to the position.


  • To continue to grow a strong foundation of nursing skills, and a diverse, marketable background for the future, while balancing work life with the needs of my family.

Employment History


Kadlec Regional Medical Center

Richland, WA

Staff RN, Acute Care Services

  • RESPONSIBLE for primary care of 5-7 patients.
    • PLAN and implement patient care
    • COMMUNICATE effectively with members of the healthcare team, patients and family.
    • SUPERVISE nurse assistants.


Dorian Studios

Kennewick, WA

Cashier, Part time

  • This was a part time job that I took once I had decided on a career direction and was preparing to return to school. It is my only work reference in the last 5 years, other than my current position.
  • RESPONSIBLE for cash receipts and customer service freeing photographers to direct their attention to photography. Typical settings were school pictures but also included school dances and senior photo shoots.
  • ASSIST photographers with equipment setup and takedown.


Alcatel Internetworking (was Packet Engines)

Spokane, WA

Senior Technical Writer

  • CREATE original documentation for new Gigabit networking products using Pagemaker and Adobe Illustrator, in a print-ready format.
  • PUBLISH documentation in both hardcopy and Adobe PDF format for distribution to customers on CD-ROM.
  • PROOFREAD proposed marketing literature for readability and provide suggestions to author to ready for worldwide publication.
  • CREATE hardware and software documentation for high-speed switches, including documentation of a graphical user interface, and state-of-the-art routing protocols and command line hierarchy.
  • ANALYZE new software releases for updates to existing documentation.
  • CREATE processes and tools to speed these updates.


Packet Engines/Alcatel Internetworking

Spokane, WA

Level III Network Support Engineer

  • RESPONSIBLE for troubleshooting complex networking hardware and configuration problems on an international scale, oftentimes recreating customer networks in our network laboratory.
  • PROVIDE around-the-clock international technical support on a rotating on-call basis with four other engineers.
  • TRACK open calls using Seibel call tracking system.
  • INTERACT with firmware and software developers, when necessary, in resolving faults in very complex hardware and firmware systems.
  • INTERACT with technical writers in the documentation and clarification of networking hardware or software issues.


Lockheed-Martin Services

Richland, WA

Systems Analyst/Programmer

  • TROUBLESHOOT AND REPAIR system faults in production software in use on the Hanford site.
  • DOCUMENT software changes for user and future analysts who may work on the system, to the extent that they are affected.


Creekwood Consulting

Kennewick, WA

Owner, sole employee

  • PROVIDE computer hardware, software, and network support for small and medium sized businesses, and individuals.
  • MANAGE accounts receivable, billing, and other day-to-day operations of a small business.
  • INTERACT with customers appropriately in representing the company favorably to customers.


Hanford Environmental Health Foundation

Richland, WA

Systems Analyst/Programmer

  • ANALYZE business processes with the goal to streamline and improve them.
  • DEVELOP software based on FoxPro and later Microsoft Access.
  • MANAGE projects related to improvements in business processes.
  • WRITE documentation for improved business processes.


Boeing Computer Services, Richland

Richland, WA

Systems Analyst/Programmer

  • DEVELOP user interface software in Pascal and later C.
  • DEVELOP low-level networking routines for use in user interface software.
  • MANAGE projects using Boeing Computer Service proprietary software and Microsoft Project.
  • WRITE original technical documentation for application programming interface routines.


Boeing Computer Services, Richland

Richland, WA

Systems Analyst/Programmer

  • DEVELOP dynamic user interface software for use sitewide at Hanford.


Boeing Computer Services, Richland

Richland, WA


  • TEACH employees on the Hanford site how to use business graphics software.
  • TEACH employees on the Hanford site how to use electronic spreadsheet software.

09/1980-08/1981 and 09/1982-04/1983

Alpha Computer Systems

Kennewick, WA

Sales Assistant

  • ASSIST company staff and sales personnel how to use various software packages.
  • ASSIST customers with questions related to personal computers, peripherals and software packages.
  • TROUBLESHOOT and repair of computer problems.


06/2005 - 06/2008

Columbia Basin College and CBC School of Nursing

Pasco, WA

ADN, Nursing


Washington State University

Pullman, WA

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Others Skills and Certifications

  • BLS 2008-present
  • ACLS 10/2008-present
  • ISO9000 Certified in the past
  • PROGRAMMED in the past in C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, Visual Basic, 6502 assembly language
  • Vast software package experience in the past, including MS-Project, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Excel, MS-Word, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Papermill, and others
  • Bilingual English-Spanish, used conversationally on a daily basis since 1998, considered bi-cultural by Hispanic community leaders.